Our solution is built upon Clay Tracer and Clay Assistant.

Clay Tracer consists of a high speed 4K camera installed overseeing the shooting range, a processing unit with GPU for video and AI processing.

Clay Assistant is an application for tablets and phones to allow referees and shooters to easily access video and performance data.

Clay Tracer

A high 4k resolution camera delivers pictures at high speed to a machine learning software (AI)

The application tracks the clay and detects hit or miss after the shot has been fired by processing and analyzing the incoming images.

We currently support Olympic Trap discipline but also Skeet and other important disciplines will be added in the near future.

Clay Assistant

The Clay Assistant App is for use in competitions and regular training to provide real-time (milliseconds) results and video feeds to referees and athletes.

Signal for hit or miss is available to within millisecond, so the referee can do an accurate review, overrule shot result if necessary.

Result data is sent to a database and used to automatically compile rankings and reports.

Video and performance data

Videos and data throw time, clay speed and direction, shot time, zero, hit or miss, etc. are examples of that that is stored on Travision’s cloud.

APIs to the cloud will be also available to clubs and partners.

How it works

Travision’s Clay Tracer and Clay Advisor interoperates with Elettronica Progetti’s Multi Pull control units video of each shot and other performance data is presented to EP backend.